Vital resource to help maintain and protect waterways

Council has released its Water Sensitive Urban Design Streetscape Planning and Design Package (WSUD Streetscape Package).

The WSUD Streetscape Package is relevant to engineers, architects, planners and other professionals seeking guidance on best practice stormwater management techniques and devices when designing and planning in urban areas.

Stormwater run-off from urban areas is recognised as a major contributor to waterway degradation, which unmanaged may carry pollution straight into streams, creeks and rivers, speeding up water flows and causing erosion and flooding.

Incorporating stormwater management devices within roads and streetscapes can significantly improve the health of Brisbane’s catchment and waterway corridors.

The guidelines provided in the package can be used to inform where a stormwater management device could be best placed and which device is most appropriate for a given area.

These measures can also help to keep streets green in times of drought, increase visual appeal, increase native habitat and improve drainage, all at minimal cost.

Devices outlined in the package include bioretention systems, swales, gully baskets, online proprietary Stormwater Quality Improvement Devices and permeable pavements.

As an added resource to assist with the implementation of streetscape solutions, standard drawings have been provided as part of the package for a range of bioretention systems, swales and permeable pavements.

To download the WSUD Streetscape Package visit or phone Council on (07) 3403 8888 for more information.

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